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This review may contain spoilers.

For 30 or so minutes I had no idea what I was watching, but I knew I loved every minute of it. Then it started to coalesce, only to fall apart a million times over again. I was amused, happy, disgusted, clueless, shocked, sad, and by the end, I damn near went crazy. This is THE contemporary movie that should be everyone's go-to when it comes to modern cinema. I say this after serious consideration.

Some *going nuts* moments while watching (because my-brain-is-too-fried-to-analyze-shit is a real condition):

1) I flipped out when I realized none of the scenes were real. (I actually believed the 'Father' appointment and the ex-girlfriend suicide scene at first.)

2) Denis Lavant is one crazy-ass motherfucker and the 'methodest' method actor. Man, he literally eats flowers while running around a cemetery biting people's fingers off, and then drags a supermodel into the sewers to sleep in her lap naked. The camera movement is equally brilliant: the camera sticks to Lavant at all times and follows his manic movements as he dominates every inch of the screen.

3) Only by the end did I realize that the OPENING SEQUENCE is a masterpiece in itself. People sit motionlessly in a movie theater and watch a black-and-white movie. Passive. New scene, enter Denis Lavant whose life consists of living fake lives. We are spectators of the lives he lives, but we never see his real life. Are we mere spectators of our own lives too? Passive actors? What is our real life like? Is it real in the first place? (Even the driver woman puts a mask on her face in the end.)

4) The cars talking about becoming useless and getting tossed in the junkyard. Like human life. We live without anyone really caring, and we dry up and waste away without ever being seen. Without ever truly living. Because all we do is imitate others' lives and try to convince ourselves that they're our own.

+1) My brain cannot shake the thought that there MUST be some meaning to the exact order (and number) of appointments. The 'Father' appointment is exactly halfway (the 4th) and may signal the fatal crack between the unreachable real life and all the fake lives. A crack that the last appointment fills with meaning; mocking life, every life, our life. 'Your life is meaningless.' it seems to say. 'You never truly lived your life, did you?' And man, this visually implied question cuts deep. Real deep.

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