King Kong

King Kong ★★★★½

This movie exists for real and I can't believe it. It's bonkers from start to finish and I can't handle it. It's relentless action with no lagging moments and I can't name any recent adventure movie that is better than this.

The mere appearance of Kong was enough to wreak havoc in my heretofore peacefully existing psyche but then the even crazier things started to happen. Like Kong fighting some random dinosaur-like creature or him taking a bite (?) out of random people and then flinging them away or him climbing the fucking Empire State Building because why not and him just absolutely killing it in the strictest possible sense of the word because he is the greatest villain monster ever created and I mean ever aand king-kong I finally reached the brain meltdown phase and I'm grateful as hell for it.

As I'm writing the review I've already passed the meltdown phase and am now in the uhhhh-aaahhh-jaw-dropped-and-everything kind of awe phase. I have but one coherent thought: I need to know how this movie was filmed.

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