Skyfall ★★★½

Regular people: 'James Bond films are so cool. They have marvelous cars, action, money, women, exotic locations, sensational bad guys and good old James Bond keeping his cool and kicking the shit out of them. What more could you ask for?'


*Javier Bardem groans painfully for one minute straight with a knife sticking out of his back, going through at least four tonal variations of the word 'Ah!' as he tries to wrap his head around the fact that Bond could stick a knife in his back, then falls on his knees in front of Bond and Bond says 'Last rat standing.' and looks calmly down at a stupefied Bardem, who then falls flat on his face with a loud thump, dead.*

Me: 'This must be just the jolliest shit I've seen in weeks. Perfectly hilarious.'

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