The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Cinema is bullshit.
It is entirely made up of shenaningans. It's a gimmick.
It's a magic spell.
Cinema works if, and when, the viewer is adequately absorbed in the reality of the film and forget about its own reality.
Sometimes is the viewer who'll plunge itself in the illusion, falling even for a mere product of entertainment.
Sometimes is the artist who charm the audience, tangle them in the web that he create with images, sounds and words.
A director is a magician even when it doesn't know it.

But when the director is a well-know self proclaimed it shaman like Alejandro Jodorowsky, the result is not only a simple spell: it's an alchemic process. The transmutation of the characters that mirrors the catharsis of the audience.
The Holy Mountain is a brutal spiritual process where every characters are just part of one single character: the viewer. A quest made of esoteric symbols, spiritual anguish and tons of bodily functions, just to purge it from the illusion that the movie itself create.
It's a fascinating yet completely crushing experience, but it is unlike any others.

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