Girlfriends ★★★★½

A stunning piece of rhythmic, comic, emotional storytelling so fresh and relatable that it feels endlessly youthful, that never feels stale or dated, the kind of film that one (white, 32) can really see themselves in. Personal bias aside, this is a true acting showcase in that way that feels closer to theater than to cinema—and yet the juxtaposition of acting styles, chemistry, rhythms, the essential montage of it, is what drives the film and makes it CINEMA. Loved it the way I loved A New Leaf—laughed that hard, too—but I weirdly want to pair it with Carnal Knowledge for a truly insane double feature. Eli Wallach’s performance is the one glaringly bad element here, like a big honey ham at a bot mitzvah buffet, but what Claudia Weill does with that plot line—absolutely bonkers, brilliant. A weird, awkward masterpiece.