Split Second ★★★

Split Second stars a trench coat wearing, cigarette smoking, coffee addicted, bad-ass gun carrying Rutger Hauer (a Dutch legend, may he rest in peace) as Detective Harry Stone. Harry Stone is chasing a serial killer who killed his partner throughout the movie. The killer likes to take the hearts of his victims and leave occult like messages for Stone. But Stone isn't alone! He has a new partner called Dick! Such a badass duo!

All this takes place in the 2008 version of London which doesn't look like the 2008 London we had. It is dark, cyberpunk like and has a lot of problems with a risen water level because of Global Warming. It looks very 90s.

Anyway, Split Second clearly is one of those 90s B-movies but a very entertaining one. It is a bit overacted, it is dark, has loads of one-liners, Rutger Hauer has a pet pigeon, the film has a decent cast for a B-movie and Split Second has that 90s sci-fi feel which I always enjoy.

If you like B-movies, this is one you certainly have to check out.

Ps. Rutger Hauer showing his ID to a rottweiler is such an epic moment!

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