Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

Spooky Tober: Chapter 6

Hey I know it's the 90's but why does every one have the same haircut? You couldn't switch it up a bit so I could tell all these white people apart? Especially your leading ladies. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Courtney Cox had an identical hair cut.

That's not the only thing that riled me up though. The Scream movies are known for their great cold opens. This one takes places at the opening of the movie about the happenings of Scream called Stab (so meta). Now I have been to movie premiere and film festivals and special screening, sure things can get a little rowdy. But I've never seen people getting out of their seats so god damn much. Once to go to the bathroom sure but people were leaving the theater just to run around in the lobby. What is this a movie or a family fun park? God damn show some respect you savages.

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