There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

Film #10 of the Scavenger Hunt #8
Task #16 A film that has won more than one Oscar

I really like this movie, but a lot of people do so that's not interesting. Let's hear from my neighbor Zack who really hates this movie, we talk about it over milkshakes.

Me: Hey remember There Will Be Blood?
Zack: Oh yeah that movie sucks.
Me: Why's that? It's pretty much universally loved.
Zack: There's no blood in it.
Me: There's a bit. But there's lots of movie that don't have blood I know you like.
Zack: Ya but they don't advertise it. When you got something called "There will be Blood" I expected a little more action.
Me: So is it just a case of it not being what you expected? Do you know who Paul Thomas Anderson is?
Zack: No I don't really know him. But we rented No Country for Old Men at the same time and that was a great movie.
Me: I guess we can agree on that. But still....

This is where I jumped over the table and started doing the milkshake monologue.

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