“Cinema is not a magic. It is a technic and a science. A technic born from a science and set to a will." - Class of Struggle


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  • Fort Apache
  • Death by Hanging
  • The Devil's Cleavage
  • Hôtel des Invalides

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  • North by Northwest


  • Red Hot Riding Hood

  • King Lear


  • Thumbtanic

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  • Room 666

    Room 666


    Spielberg's section is so misguided it's almost funny. It's important to note that he's the only filmmaker here who speaks of film exclusively in terms of economics. The epitome of the high art that he feels studios do not want made is "a 13 year old boy masturbating for the first time." This section, immediately followed by Antonioni's insightful reflections on issues of technology, almost speaks more toward the future of film than the words of the directors.

    As I'm…

  • WandaVision


    I didn’t even watch this I just like hating on stuff