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  • E.T.: A Holiday Reunion
  • October (Ten Days that Shook the World)

    October (Ten Days that Shook the World)


    "We must mention here also the case of the same conflict-tension serving the ends of new concepts – of new attitudes, that is, of purely intellectual aims.

    Example 1 (in October): Kerensky's rise to power and dictatorship after the July uprising of 1917. A comic effect was gained by sub-titles indicating regular ascending ranks ("Dictator" – "Generalissimo" – "Minister of Navy-and of Army" – etc.) climbing higher and higher-cut into five or six shots of Kerensky, climbing the stairs of…

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  • Halloween


    The mask of Michael Myers is and has always been blank. This was not incidental, nor was it an attempt at branding. His blank white mask, at the core, prohibits any sort of identification with the figure in two senses of the word. (I'm speaking mainly to the original.)

    1. The "character" of Michael Myers is unidentifiable. His motivations are not explored & his psychology is not established. All we know are his actions, and his actions do not make any…

  • Happy End

    Happy End


    Behind us at the theater was a very talkative older couple. Financially & culturally they certainly appeared to be the Anne & Georges Laurent archetype, but a bit more vocal in their opinions. I'm sure this would have typically been incredibly frustrating, yet here it was more exciting than anything. It was exciting to hear all of their anticipations and see them get torn down on screen moments later. Also in the theater was a mother & her son, and another couple who…