Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Film 1 of the November 2021 Scavenger Hunt
Task 25: Watch something you have a personal connection to, something beloved, cherished, treasured, nostalgic, something that brings you joy.

Tina and Chris talked before this but didn't have a lot to say actually. Tina basically said that David was implying he was God because of the way they all came on stage (she said literally "First there's David Byrne and on the 7th day, there's everyone else"). Also she dissed the boom box (which I like) and said that David should have had Chris put together a backing track but that that (what that is, asking for help maybe?) "was never David's forte." She did say he had good energy then though, which is a great compliment that I didn't expect. Also she said that David was inspired to have the state be that size by the opera Einstein on the Beach, which she said they had all seen together.

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