Lady Bird ★★★★★

So what makes this the best-reviewed movie of all time? For me, it is the absolute familiarity of it all that is incredibly alive and palpable, one that makes you feel at home. Home is reverberating theme in the movie. I, like Lady Bird, wanted to get out of home as soon as possible. I became tired of my hometown because it offered nothing new. I applied to a college far away from my place because I wanted independence. I had enough of the constant bickering of my parents and just wanted to be on my own. But when I got there, I became lost in the changes the new place offered. I missed the familiarity of my hometown: the streets I used to roam every night with my friends, the faces that I see every Sunday morning, the annoyances of my parents and many more. Like me, Lady Bird realizes this at the end of the movie – and what it means for me is the realization that I am not alone. That I get to live back my mistakes as if it is some kind of nostalgia. This movie is very heartwarming and honest. I just want to shout from rooftops all over the world now that Lady Bird is a gospel you all need to hear (or watch for this matter).

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