Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★½

We saw this on a whim. When we arrove at the theater the light and the clouds were that glowing pink-gold of Magic Hour, and i said so, never expecting that i was presaging a motif that would be significant in the film. And not only thematically significant, but arrestingly, dazzlingly beautiful—i would watch this movie again just for the skies. The landscapes in general were breathtaking. The braided cord and the falling were striking. And the few moments when everything went silent were utterly perfect.

The first half-hour of the movie dragged for me, as it walked us through discovering what we already knew from the description on IMDb. And the last half-hour felt tedious to Jonathan, who thought there had been a proper conclusion already. And some aspects of the interactions between the main characters were unappealing. But i enjoyed this movie a lot and would've felt satisfied with almost any ending, i think, although we were glad for the one we got. i've watched very little Japanese filmmaking besides Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli and DeathNote, and i was so pleased to enjoy this so much.

And the skies. Oh, the skies.