1917 ★★

1917 has one particularly brilliant, singular Deakinsian sequence partway through, and then immediately squanders its majesty on a dull soldier-in-occupied-territory cliché (even if that scene's reality is questionable). On the whole it’s a bit like a WWI FPS escort quest where the NPCs won’t shut the fuck up.

Fake two-take conceit (sorry, but there's such an obvious cut partway through the movie that even calling its disguised-cut try-hardery a 'one-take' is simply gobbling up a totally bullshit marketing narrative that film sites are depressingly happy to help peddle) does little other than call attention to itself - where's the immersion in watching two soldiers push their way through crowded trenches when you can visibly see the space that was left for the camera operator to pass through in front of them? Anyway, it has almost nothing to say. Very Unbroken realness.

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