The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

two hours of robert pattinson screaming DelUsiOnS would’ve been better but this was still an interesting watch. i’ve never been a huge tom holland fan, but i think he’s a good actor and he really proved himself here. i’m glad that he’s starting to take on more serious roles!!

my biggest complaint with this is the runtime. it’s longer than it should be, and this becomes more apparent during certain stretches where the story drags on. it’s really a shame considering just how talented this cast is. pattinson kills it (as usual) and i was overall very impressed with the performances. however, good acting can’t always save a film. add this to the grim subject matter that wouldn’t normally interest me and you’ve got something that’s perfectly average. i’d still recommend checking it out though. i’m sure this really worked for some people, and if anything the performances should be reason enough to give it a watch.

also how am i just finding out that this was produced by jake gyllenhaal??

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