The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★★★

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Some thoughts:

1) Immediately a prettier movie than any other LOTR film due to advancements in technology. CGI and special effects aside, there’s some glorious cinematography in this one. 

2) The dwarves were always more interesting than the men, so it’s fun to see a change of focus with this. (No, I’ve not read the book so I had no idea exactly what the plot to the first film would be.) Saying that, I came here out of curiosity but stayed for the elves, who are forever the most intriguing of all the mythical species in this universe. 

3) Still way too fucking long. It just felt as though a lot of this was built out of fan service rather than necessity. 

4) Got to give credit where it’s due, the underground battle against the trolls was more entertaining and inventive than any fight in LOTR. Wholly unbelievable, but super fun to watch. 

5) Despite some questionable story editing choices, this movie was a lot easier to get through than the Frodo movies even if the plot was pretty obvious and straightforward by the end.