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  • The Big Fix
  • Forbidden City Cop
  • Just a Boys' Game
  • Victims of Apartheid

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  • The Johnsons

    The Johnsons


    Wizened demon baby and bald headed killer brood themed shocker, this largely unsung 80s horror from the Netherlands proves visually impressive with a handful of effective set pieces. Never really adds up to the sum of its parts, but I could see a typically well presented Blu-ray from the likes of Vinegar Syndrome (rather than the adequate rip I watched) potentially elevating this to a higher regard.

  • Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla

    Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla


    The real tragedy here is that Mikadroid never makes it up out of the underground parking lot and into Disco Club Layla.

Popular reviews

  • Exorcist II: The Heretic

    Exorcist II: The Heretic


    As a sequel to The Exorcist? - Yes, it's a dismal failure.
    Viewed as a stand-alone, loopy, mystical/sci-fi/horror hybrid dragged along by a manic Richard Burton performance? - It's actually quite fun.
    Somehow I missed out on(avoided...) seeing this until very recently, but finally got my opportunity to view it on the big screen as part of the BFI's John Boorman retrospective.
    Seen in a Boorman context alongside the likes of 'Excalibur' and 'Zardoz', it made a lot more sense…

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    Is there a more arresting movie moment than when a malevolent, hermaphroditic, alien-Christ played by Richard Lynch invites an aghast Tony Lo Bianco to fuck the oozing mutant vagina embedded in his abdomen?

    I love you Larry Cohen.