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  • Stille Nacht III: Tales from the Vienna Woods

    Stille Nacht III: Tales from the Vienna Woods


    I swear they had a penis in this film.

    Why would you spend all that time and Energy to make a film only to ruin it with distracting incel nonsense. What a waste

  • This Unnameable Little Broom

    This Unnameable Little Broom


    Humanize stop motion seemingly every day objects.

    Shadow detail camera angles cool.

    Seems a lot of animators draw from these films especially Pixar. Wall-E vibes. 
    Didn’t get the Gilgamesh connection but interesting wing motiphs

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  • Come Back, Little Sheba

    Come Back, Little Sheba


    This film was so good, how did it not cross my path earlier.

    Lancaster who usually outshines everyone couldn’t keep up with Shirley Booth.

    Excellent melodrama character study of a relationship we rarely get an insight like this into.

    So good

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    This feels like a violent fantasy from someone who fetishizes Rural American religious people from the 1960s

    Creepy and violent.

    Pattinson is good.

    Riley Keough always excellent and each time she’s onscreen the film becomes watchable.

    Don’t know why these are getting green lit but I’m not in charge