Annihilation ★★★★

I'll start by complaining cause I love too, although not about the movie. More about people negatively comparing this to Stalker. Sure the premise is basically the same, but after that they are two different films tackling completely different themes. Calling Annihilation a dumber version of Stalker just sounds pretentious (ok that might be strong) and quite idiotic to me. Sorry for the rant. As for the film, I think it solidifies Garland as great sci-fi director. He sure knows how to direct those kind of modern sci-fi films if I can call them so. At first I was pissed this wasn't release on Netflix here. Oh boy was this a good thing. Made me move my ass to the theatre to appreciate this grandiose spectacle on the big screen. The last 20 minutes were particularly insane to watch in the theatre. The whole cast is great here especially Portman. And the movie looks terrific. Oh my, it’s visually stunning. I might have set my expectations too high for this though, I really liked it, but thought I would love it. Nonetheless, Annihilation remains a terrific sci-fi film; its visuals, sound and atmosphere are incredible.

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