Burning ★★★★½

I feel this will always grow on me each time. There's so much stuff I noticed during this rewatch. Knowing how everything would turn out, I couldn't help to find some of the earlier interactions of the trio quite different from the first time I watched the film. Sometimes, even just what one character says has a whole different meaning when you've seen it before. I also got to appreciate Steven Yeun way more this time around. He's so perfect in this; calm, confident, charming, but so damn mysterious and scary. I think I would have loved this more on my first watch had I seen Lee Chang-dong's filmography before. The first time, I kept waiting for the obvious thing to happen, for the Hollywood dénouement. Alas, that's not what Lee is going for here. And I can't say I know for sure what he's going for. I got a couple of interpretations, but I'm still not sure what this all means. It's just terrific filmmaking.

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