Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

That was surprisingly really good. I'm not the biggest Marvel fan out there. Apart from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Winter Soldier, I can't say I love the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I enjoy them, but find them somewhat predictable and sometimes incomprehensible because of the crazy fight at the end. Doctor Strange was nothing like those other movies. First of all, the writing is really good. Some really great lines from each characters and a nice touch of humour too. I had no idea who Doctor Strange was before this movie and it was really well explained how all those astro projections and magic works. Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty good and really convincing. The rest of the cast was also really good; Tilda Swinton was kind of a bad ass. While I liked Mads Mikkelsen, I wish he would have been there more often.

However, Doctor Strange is especially worth seing for it's visuals. Wow. Really, wow. It's actually pretty fucking cool looking. Some sequences gave me headache, but nice headache. It was really well thought and splendidly realized. It was also quite nice in Imax 3D! What I liked too was that, even though all this is CGI, it's not the same as the other Marvel movies where it's just a bunch of people fighting. Here, the mix of the visuals and the fights work perfectly together and makes for some great sequences!

Overall, Doctor Strange is one of my favorite movie from the MCU and also one the best. It's quite different from the other movies and I think it explains why I connected more with this one. It looks really good, has a great cast and has some sick action sequences. Definitely worth it; especially in theaters in 3D.

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