First Reformed

First Reformed ★★★★½

While watching First Reformed I kept thinking about films like Winter Light, Ordet and The Sacrifice. Without a surprise, that's a pretty good thing. I don't know anything about Paul Schrader, this the first film of his I watched, but he sure released his inner Bergman in this one. It's great. It's tight, simple, nothing too fancy, nicely filmed and everything works together. It mainlyworks because of Ethan Hawke's terrific and humble performance and Schrader direction. If the story and theme of the film scream Bergman, many shots scream Tarkovsky. Loved those long static shots. I also was a big fan of the greyish colour palette, it only added more to the somber theme of the film. Definitely not for everyone, but First Reformed sure worked with me; a great portrayal of crisis of faith. When done right, this kind of films can only be great and First Reformed is no exception.

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