In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★

Claustrophobic. That's what I would call In the Mood for Love. There's never a real wide shot in the movie; always close shot of the characters. We're constantly close to them. As for them, they're always stuck in this tiny appartement. Hence the reason of a claustrophobic feeling. They can't get away from what's happening to them, they're kind of prisoners to that apartment and have to face the music. It's also quite clear from the beginning that this is a movie about Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow; the fact that Kar-wai never shows their respective spouses proves that they're mere players in the story unfolding in front of us. Their names are mentioned and their voices are heard, but they're only here as a presence allowing us to focus on the main characters. Not much of a review, more an impression (I rarely do those, be kind). In the Mood for Love is a story of love and sadness told through a claustrophobic setting, which only makes it more rewarding.

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