Jaws ★★★½

Holy shit that mayor is one of the dumbest character in the world. I don't know if he just want to make money or he's just plain dumb; no idea how Brody managed not to punch him in the face. So Jaws was pretty fun. Some tense moments and a killer finale that really delivers. The opening is pretty damn cool and I'm kind of amazed that the second victim of the shark is a kid; I didn't see that coming. I also wasn't expecting this movie to be that violent. The shark prop itself is really well made and highly believable, way more than those crappy CGI sharks we get nowadays. Richard Dreyfus is my new friend; best character in the movie. My main gripes with the movie are that it's sometimes really drags. For example, that scene where Quint talks about being in a submarine during WWII; I honestly didn't give a single damn about that scene, felt it went on forever. Even the final sequence with the shark, which was pretty awesome, got a little repetitive after a while. Nonetheless, Jaws remains a solid horror/suspense movie with a nice cast and a really cool ambiance. People who saw this in 1975 must have freak the fuck out of their lives.

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