Manhunter ★★★½

Maybe watching this just one day after finishing the third season of Hannibal wasn't a good idea. It's pretty much the same thing although not as good in my opinion. I also have to talk about the version I watched. I think it was the director cut, but one hell of a cheap one. It's like they remastered the original cut and just added extra scenes that weren't remastered at all. And I really mean it when I say those weren't remastered at all. You would have a nice HD shot and then out of nowhere a shot looking like it just came out of a really cheap TV shows that never went on air. It was quite weird. Anyway. About the film now. Although I prefer the way the series told this story, I think it's pretty good here too. Again, Mann's style is there especially with that soundtrack. Tom Noonan is pretty convincing as Dollarhyde. The film falters a bit during the second half, but still remains entertaining. So, overall it's pretty solid, but not my favourite portrayal of Red Dragon or of the character of Hannibal Lecter (why is he called Lecktor!?).

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