Scream ★★★★

Movie #1 of the Todd Gaines Challenge.

That was fun! I didn't expect it to like it this much to be honest. It wasn't really scary, even not at all, but it still was pretty good and really fun! Even though it's classified as horror, I think it's more of a suspense/dark comedy. This movie is funny as hell! Ghostface for example: he has to be the worst killer in the history of movie. He always struggle his life to kill his victims. I think the movie is self aware of its genre and laugh about it too. The number of references to other horror movies are numerous and often gives some funny moments. I was also fooled! I was sure I knew who has the killer early in the story and I was wrong! I was happy about that. Some characters have some really great lines that make me laugh, but I think nothing can beat Ghostface. The opening is also quite brilliant and different from many horror movies, I loved it. So overall, a really fun horror movie! I can't recommend it enough!

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