Tenet ★★★

I find it fascinating how had Tenet been released, let’s say, five years ago I would probably have loved it. I mean, I’m still a big fan of Christopher Nolan, but with time, my taste in cinema has greatly changed and while I still enjoy his movies, I don’t see him as the almighty genius I once thought he was. Don’t get me wrong, I think Nolan is a terrific director, yet recently I have realized his tendency to over explain things and how not everything he does is perfect. Then there’s Tenet. I’ve always seen Interstellar as a film I consider Nolan legit made just for me, due to its setting in space and dealing with wormholes and black holes, but Tenet would actually be second and that is for one thing: time travel. I always have been obsessed by the concept of time travel and guess what? Tenet has that and in a pretty cool way. So, in theory, Tenet should have been just my alley. Yet… it wasn’t?

In all honestly, it’s the first time I watched a Nolan film and felt like he himself got lost in his story. Maybe I’m dumb, but holy shit I had a trouble understanding the whole thing. The terrible sound mixing didn’t help for sure. Seriously, what’s Nolan obsession with having the score so fucking loud when characters are talking? The set pieces and the action are great. I always admired Nolan for his uses of practical effects over CGI and it pays off here; some sequences are really impressive. Alas, as I said before, I’m dumb. So the numerous "inverted" elements which would sometimes pop would actually confuse me more than anything. Are they cool? Fuck yeah. But I had no idea if it was something which happened before or would happen. Other than that, the cast is good, especially Debicki. And I have nothing but love for my boy Rob Pattinson. In the end… I have no idea how I feel about Tenet. I’m not sure if I liked it or not. I didn’t find it bad, but it wasn’t great. I remember reading somewhere someone saying that Tenet feels like a parody of Nolan. And in a a way… it is. You have the way too complicated plot which thinks its beyond genius, the typical Nolan exposition, the crazy action sequences, the intercutting in the end and inaudible dialogues due to terrible sound mixing. It’s almost a greatest hits of Nolan. I really wonder how a future rewatch will make me feel about it.

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