The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

I had to question the mermaids!

What a breath of fresh air The Nice Guys is. That's the kind of comedies I love. It doesn't rely so much on dumb jokes, but more of the timing and actions of the characters. Just look at the quote I choose for my review: that shit is hilarious and I lost it when he said that! The chemistry between Crowe and Gosling is pretty incredible. It's like they were bound to play in this movie. I was especially impress by Gosling; I know he can act, but usually people just talk about him because of his face. He's so funny in this movie. He probably got the best lines, but his character's body language and the way he scream makes him even funnier! The rest of the cast is also really good: Angourie Rice, first time I see her, was pretty good and Matt Bomer was a bit terrifying. The plot is pretty straight forward, but gets really crazy. That doesn't affect the movie at all in my opinion. The music was also good. The Nice Guys is orignal, fucking funny and pulls of the seventies vibe perfectly. I haven't watched many movies from this year, but as of now, it's one of my favourite from 2016.

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