The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★

Sixteenth film of Hooptober 5.0
2nd of 6 pre-1970 films
Silent film: 1st of 1

That's why I love Hooptober. I don't think I might have watched that if it wasn't for this challenge. I mean... I watch all kind of the films (old, silent, foreign, etc), but I don't often watch movies that old. The silent criteria kinda forced my hand to pick this and boy am I glad. The Phantom Carriage is quite hypnotizing to say the least. My eyes were glued to the screen even when almost nothing was happening. Just take the scene where Sister Edit mends David's coat. Oh my. I couldn't stop watching and nothing was happening, it was just so beautiful with the music. It has a great ambiance, the scenes with the carriage are quite haunting. Loved the special effects too, some great stuff here. If I had one complain is that even though I was pretty much fascinated with the film, some scenes were kind of dragging by moments, nothing critical though. Overall, The Phantom Carriage is a beautiful haunting tale of regret and feels quite ahead of its time.

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