The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Sequel #5
Tobe Hooper film: 1st of 2

This was kind of weird. Did Leatherface really fall in love or what? What was that? I honestly didn't understand a thing happening between him and that radio host girl (Vanita I think). The pacing of this movie is quite weird. It starts with those two annoying jackasses getting butchered and then nothing happen for a while. Then those psychos show up at the radio station and we have some fun. But then... it gets kind of boring. Yet, I really liked the ending; Lefty vs Leatherface was kind of fun to watch! Still, there are some things I wasn't fan of though. First off, I found this less creepy than its predecessor; sure those guys are fucking insane, but I felt like something was missing and the movie ended up being more comedic than disturbing. The dinner at the end is simply a rehash of the first movie, it's kind of lazy and doesn't have the same impact at all. And the girl wouldn't stop screaming. Also, Lefty's strategy to take down the family was quite stupid if you ask me. Yet, I still found myself enjoying The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. The final fight is really fun and the bad guys remain entertaining. After watching it though, I think I underrated the original quite a bit...

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