Ugetsu ★★★½

Film #19 of Film School Drop Outs (Class of 2019)
Week 19 - Movement - Golden Age of Japanese Cinema (1950-1963)

There's a lot to like about Kenji Mizoguchi's Ugetsu. It's an atmospheric and quite mysterious stories about selfishness and love. After about thirty minutes into the film it took a turn I didn't expect, but that I actually liked. Yet, I find myself conflicted about how I feel about the film. There's so much good stuff, but it also feels weirdly put together. While the switch between Genjuró, Miyagi and Tobei doesn't kill the film, it kind of put an halt to everything. The storyline with Tobei also feels a bit weird compared to the one with Genjuró; it's not bad per se, but I felt that it was almost veering in the comedic style. While I might have been a bit disappointed by Ugetsu, I won't refrain myself from exploring the rest of Kenji Mizoguchi's filmography.

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