Your Name. ★★★½

Film #46 of Film School Drop Outs
Week 46 - Genre - Japanese Anime

I really don't know exactly how to feel about Your Name. It seems the movie fascinates me a lot, but at the same times there are some things that really bugs me. I love the idea. It's not only original, but well executed. It would have been easy to screw this up or do something really cheesy. The movie might seem a bit cheesy, but I didn't really think it was. How about those visuals? If this isn't the prettiest anime I've seen it must be among the top 3. It's so colourful and so much attention is put into little details. The shot of the comet is just splendid. The movie also has one hell of a great score. I really liked the songs during the different montage. The score fits the movie perfectly. Now, as to my problems. I just found the last half hour a bit... overwhelming. There is so much happening at the same time and I had difficulty making out what exactly was going on. It didn't help that towards the end I had no idea when Taki was in Mitsuha's body and vice versa. I didn't get the thing with the kuchikamisake; no idea what happened there. I also found the movie to be dragging by moments. Yet, like I stated at the beginning of my review: I found this fascinating. I'm still thinking about it and really enjoyed it so my rating here doesn't mean much. Overall, Your Name is a wonderful story of friendship, love, memories and hope.

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