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  • First Man

    First Man

    Much of this part of American history has always been impossible to reconcile with for me; a towering, monumental achievement undercut by sheer human recklessness, mismanagement, callous political irresponsibility—and yet, the Moon landing stands as one of the most formative events to have shaped how I move through the world and Neil Armstrong, for as flawed as I've come to learn about him, remains one of the few I'd consider a personal hero. It's at this junction where Damien Chazelle…

  • Cobweb


    The ideas Kim is wrestling with here around hubris and ownership and creative catharsis probably don't justify the runtime, but it almost feels reductive saying that given how moment-to-moment entertaining almost every sequence is. This is Kim Jee-woon's most manic film to date, his most colourfully blocked, his funniest, his most crowd pleasing, and also probably his most superficial. But I think that's where the truth exists. In a metatextual sense there's a thread about the marriage between catharsis and…

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  • Phase IV

    Phase IV

    Primarily functions literally as the Man vs. Ant film it presents itself as—which is compelling enough as is—but there's lots of cool notes on altruism being this complete human nightmare, and our tendency to anthropomorphise animals and project our conflicts onto them. Helps as well that the insect sequences in this look really fucking cool; anyone amazed by the dog's acting in Anatomy of a Fall should watch what the mantis and the ants are cooking up in this.

  • À Nous la Liberté

    À Nous la Liberté

    I think at times this falls into the habit of using Marxist aesthetics moreso than actual ideology, but it still mostly hits the mark and is frequently very funny. Maybe the lesser film of the night only for not having a character named Zizi Dangler

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