Titanic ★★★★★

After two 1997 movies in two days, I just couldn't resist adding this one. First off, I think this movie is fantastic. It even embodies the 90s so much that is the ultimate "cool to hate" movie.

It is a film epic, in a very classical filmmaking sense. In turn, I think it has the perfect length for this kind of movie. Not too long at all, it might even be needed to make the weight of the situation palpable. I'd furthermore consider the present day segments key for the experience. The treasure hunters' explanation of the fatal collision adds a morbid curiosity to to the story as it is a constant reminder of the catastrophe ahead.

The love story itself is as simple as it gets but as believable as it has to be. Especially Winslet does a great job carrying this movie, DiCaprio was not yet in his prime, but he is doing just fine.
Like with any 3-hour-epic, there are flaws galore. Luckily, the movie is more than the sum of its parts. For every cookie-cutter portrayal of the aristocracy, there are several fine scenes like the one with Rose's mum tightening her corset. By the way, that James Cameron can write a lady like no other blockbuster director. The supporting characters, though, are a bit underdeveloped but still serviceable.

The sinking sequence is masterfully paced and the effects still hold up. To say this is the only good stuff is missing the point entirely. The finale wouldn't work without investment in the two main characters' fate.

Can't help it, I love this movie.
And I have reason to believe that it is actually great.

One last thing, complaining about Rose not sharing the floating door with Jack is about as lame as the old Eagles argument from The Lord of the Rings.

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