20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★★½

I will start out saying that I feel it is imperative for people to see this film, more so now than ever.

This script is filled with staggering accuracy, which is surprising since it was written by a man. Annette Bening delivers every line with a punch in your gut. She is absolutely perfect. So perfect that I find it uncanny that she was not nominated by The Academy.
However, my favorite performance has to go to Greta Gerwig. I found myself resonating with a lot of her character. To me, she is the strongest character out of the whole film. She's dealt so much in her life in such a short time, she questions life's every turn, and she conquered.
Not only were those two wonderful actresses the shining stars of the film, but the rest of the cast was equally great. Billy Crudup serving up major Almost Famous looks, and Elle Fanning rebelliously helping Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) through his teens.

This movie screams 'WOMEN' and not only because it is in the title of the movie. Feminism was big then, and it's big now...as it should be. 20CW is an advocate for saying how we don't need men to do everything for us. A quote from the film that I loved was "Men feel like they have to fix everything. Just be there." It couldn't be more true. I just love everything about this movie. It will teach you lessons while watching it. I felt connected with each character in some way, shape or form.

Mike Mills delivered another win in my book, alongside Beginners. I HIGHLY recommend this film.

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