Ant-Man ★★★

went down a deep adam mckay hole after watching the other guys twice in two days. learning about the BTS of this movie, it makes me really sad we didnt get the original edgar wright version. certain moments, like the michael pena monologues, you can tell would be so incredible if made in his style.

i feel like this is a fine marvel movie but after seeing where things ended up going with black panther and ragnarok, it feels like a missed opportunity. it is really funny at times, but is also so trapped to formulaic marvel structure that it is also just a little dry. respect for adam mckay for dropping out to be cool to edgar wright but i also would have been interested in seeing that movie.

michael pena is so fucking funny in this movie, this is such a good character "There was this one Rothko that was sublime, bro! Oh, my god!" is the best line // reading in history