The Hunt ★★½

this movie really succeeds in setting up jokes that are very classic to the genre and undercutting them ( i guess you would call that *deconstruction*?)

**deconstruction** is probably the film's strongest suit. i think it just is less successful in a lot of simpler ways within the narrative. it's almost like it prioritizes the jokes ***deconstructing*** the medium more than the overall story or characters. this also seems like a situation where BTS BS may have been an issue, not to make light of not promoting mass shootings, but it seems like a lot of producers worried about this movie which maybe robbed it of some spark. it would be cool to read the script. also i love damon lindelof, i honestly really do, he's a genius i stan.

i think there is an idea in the core of this film about how much we project into people vs. how little we really know about them, which leads to a formal technique where all of the characters are pretty underdeveloped. i hate to say that because i think its important for the film conceptually that we don't fully know or understand the characters, but i think getting over that mental hump ends up detracting from our emotional connection to them on a base level. and maybe that's the idea. like it's trying to highlight how disregarding we can be of each other and human life. but at the same time i want to care about the characters!! i left the movie wishing i really did know more about betty gilpin.

i also know that betty gilpin explains that she's ex-military at one point, but i dont like it when movies just have main characters that are immediately swiss army people and then add a line of dialogue in later that they were in the military to justify their superhuman skill. they were also hinting that her ex-military thing could be some haunted past / fucked up deeds she did, but that also basically plays like a red herring so idk if that's good enough for ol leah!!

the one other character that i felt was very underserviced was hilary swank. SWANK. you bring in swank and then you draw her so thin. she lifts dumbells in this like a god though those million dollar baby arms are still getting residuals. but she really wasn't much of a character beyond being a satirical upperclass liberal. like a good parody, but it's a movie!! i wanted her to be a person.

anyways, i really did like a lot of the jokes and i thought it was a really successful ****deconstruction**** of that kind of action/slasher genre. i wish i could give it more stars but i actually also don't want to.