Midsommar ★★½

the first scene (before the title card) is evocative of the same cold, gutting, visceral horror as hereditary. after that, midsommar falls behind quickly. aster seems unfocused here, he admits that he was prompted to make a slasher and ended up with a self-described "breakup film". what this plays out as is two-and-a-half hours of meandering through concepts. its hard to feel the weight of any of the main characters' decisions when they're under the influence of heavy hallucinogenic and suggestive drugs nearly the entire runtime. how can the film prompt us to feel righteous in the comeuppance or catharsis of characters who barely have any will in their actions? sure it's a feast of psychedelic visuals, noise, gore, and sex- but it's one that can't seem to find a footing in emotion or purpose like its predecessor.

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