Dune ★★★★½

"The Worm is the Spice! The Spice is the Worm!"

This is one crazy and kooky David Lynch space opera! I have almost zero knowledge of the novels it's based on, so I just look at it as a film, a David Lynch film, always an otherworldly experience, regardless of the setting.

Lynch Mob Highlight: Seeing Special Agent Dale Cooper worm surfing with Big Ed Hurley!

Lynch considers this a sad failure, and that's because it was chopped down to this version and does not represent the whole story as he wanted it told. As a true artist, it must suck to have an unfinished work of your own out there. However, from a visionary like Lynch, even lesser Lynch is better still that the best efforts of less talented directors. His way of presenting visuals straight from some wild dream, and the combination of complex, dark themes mixed with light-heartedness are both trademarks of Lynch.

This movie can just be enjoyed for what it is, not for what it never became. I am anticipating Denis Villeneuve's remake in a major way, his Blade Runner 2049 was perfection. He will have more freedom to present the story as it should be told, possibly broken up into several movies, something unheard of when Lynch made this.

Possible Double Bill Pairing: Watching this on the same night as Spice World, the Spice Girls movie.

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