Scream β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

"What's your favorite scary movie?" ☎️😨🎬

Wes Craven at the absolute pinnacle of his powers. Courteney Cox in total-bitch mode. Kevin Williamson's bloody and cheeky script. Matthew Lillard's hilariously twisted line deliveries. All this and more is why I love Scream.

That opening sequence with Drew Barrymore reminds me so much of When a Stranger Calls, one of the all-time greatest tension-filled suspense movies ever made. Things proceed accordingly, in this wicked little thriller with some of the most fun dialogue and some real surprises.

Gotta love how after the city of Woodsboro issues a city-wide curfew because of the killings, the teenagers are all allowed out to attend a house party.

Rewatching it makes it all seem so obvious now, I mean the clues are all right there, but back in the day I never guessed the ending at all.

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