Skyfall ★★★★★

"Some men are coming to kill us. We're going to kill them first."

MI6 is attacked, which leads James Bond to discover a very personal vendetta being waged by a former agent. Mr. Bond had been absent from screens a little longer than usual since Quantum of Solace, and it's even subtlety referred to in the script. It's both a very personal story for Bond, but it fills the screen with such grandeur too, as you would expect.

Javier Bardem plays Silva, quite possibly my favorite villain in the entire series. He's casually evil, performing his diabolical deeds with a smile...a smile horribly damaged by a cyanide capsule. That scene when Silva first appears on his island, walking towards us from a distance, getting closer and closer, all the while telling that sordid tale about rats in a barrel eating each other...holy crap! One of the best entrances in all of cinematic history. It conveys menace and charm, just what a great Bond baddie needs. Sam Mendes, you glorious bastard.

Bardem is unforgettable, but Craig and Dench both seem refreshed and intent on delivering the best darn 007 movie possible too. We finally get introduced to our new Moneypenny and Q too.

Adele singing the theme song seemed like such a no-brainer then, and man, did it ever pay off. Apparently, nabbing Adele was Daniel Craig's idea. Maybe he should stay on as a consulting producer in the future. The song was hauntingly beautiful and a mysterious nod to those classic themes of days gone by. Won the Oscar too, first time a Bond movie had won.

Skyfall was the first 007 to make a billion dollars. Whoa.

The sign of a great film is the willingness to immediately want to repeat the experience. Skyfall works on every layer, and you discover something new about it with each viewing. I know I said that Casino Royale was the greatest 007 movie in my review for that episode, but an argument could just as easily be made for Skyfall as well.

"Good luck, 007. Don't cock it up."

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