Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

Unemployed slacker, Sam, takes on the mystery of his missing neighbor, all the while there is a dog serial killer on the loose, a rich celebrity goes missing and there's a skunk lurking outside of his apartment. And that doesn't even properly sum up all that is going on in this movie.

It's like if Chinatown, Inherent Vice and La La Land all had a threesome and this was somehow the child spawned from such an arrangement. This kind of movie is either your bag, or it isn't. It has a dreamlike quality throughout, and at a certain point it leans much more heavily towards the dreamlike quality than reality. You're either one of those people who hang on and enjoy the ride, or you start to get annoyed. Me, I hang on.

Quriky, funny and surreal, but also beautiful and disgusting too. I see this getting compared to that sloppy mess, Southland Tales. No, stop it!

Honestly, I spent most of the movie stressed about whether or not Sam would ever pay his rent or not!

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