• Elvis


    There have been many movies about Elvis, but none as ugly and beautiful as this. It's ugly because it's unafraid to show us how people used Elvis for their own benefit. It's beautiful because Baz Luhrmann made it, that man cannot help but sprinkle the appropriate amount of glitter on any situation and make it into a movie spectacle, which I say not as a slur, but as a compliment.

    More than once I wrongly assumed there were snippets of…

  • Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

    Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

    Hasan Minhaj does not deliver just jokes, he tells true stories from his life that are awkward and painful, but also relatable and funny.

    That Bethany Reed bit does not end how you assume it will. It goes on quite unpredictably, not unlike life.

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters

    I know I can't be the only one who went through all his pots and pans in the middle of the night, just like Mark Ruffalo did.


  • Pursued


    "Ben, I once killed a man's wife to get him to take a job! Want to hear about it?"

    Pursued is a direct-to-DVD action/suspense/thriller starring Christian Slater as a twisted corporate headhunter who will stop at nothing to get who or what he wants. Slater earns his bread and butter quite easily, he was simply born to play these kinds of roles.

    The movie borrows heavily from Cape Fear and Fatal Attraction, might as well borrow from the best, right?…

  • Senior Year

    Senior Year

    "What the slut?"

    Twenty years after a cheerleading mishap, Stephanie Conway (Rebel Wilson), wakes up from a coma and returns to high school.

    What should have and could have been a hilarious idea simply does what's expected of it, with no surprises, and then ends. It's all very pleasant, but I felt like it mainly existed to check off items that belong in a Rebel Wilson movie. Rebel, honey, it's way too early in your career to be riding on…

  • Not Okay

    Not Okay

    A lonely young woman craves validation and finds it, and much more, when she claims to have been present at a terror attack.

    Not Okay is actually much more than okay, it's really great, actually. We follow Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) down this insane rabbit hole that she continues to dig deeper and deeper, never sure where it's leading us. Her willingness to place herself at the center of attention, no matter what, serves as a warning to our ever-growing…

  • Ruby Sparks

    Ruby Sparks

    A lonely writer writes himself the perfect girlfriend, only to have her come to life.

    Ruby Sparks is a somewhat original romantic fantasy that's not afraid to venture into the uglier side of relationships. It's charming and bleak at different stages.

    Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan have genuine chemistry together, probably because they're a couple in reality as well. A really great supporting cast here too.

  • Siberia


    The naked dwarf lady in the wheelchair will probably give David Lynch nightmares.

  • Coin Heist

    Coin Heist

    The StinΔ£ meets The Breakfast Club if made for The CW. Not bad but nothing special either.

  • Jane Fonda in Five Acts

    Jane Fonda in Five Acts

    "This is the beginning of my last act. In order to know how to go forward, I had to know where I'd been."

    This documentary on Jane Fonda seems like it's about more than just one person. It's rare that anyone in the public eye experiences this much growth and change over a lifetime: morphing from a timid child, to a good girl in rom coms, to a blatant sex bomb, to a valiant fighter for human rights everywhere, to…

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five

    "Mr. Hart! You are a monster!"

    9 To 5 starts out as a realistic workplace comedy about three female employees (Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton) being abused by their dickhead of a boss, Franklin Hart, Jr. (Dabney Coleman). It then becomes a bit of a farce in the second half. There's much amusement to be had along the way.

    We are all familiar with the talents of Fonda and Tomlin, but Dolly Parton is a complete revelation, holding…

  • Rollover


    A murder that leads to financial disaster worldwide? Sounds like a great plot to me!

    Rollover may suffer from bad word of mouth and one too many Razzie nominations. I thought it was quite good, scarily relevant and a decent time-killer thriller. Would be most likely appreciated today more so than it was in 1981.