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  • Life



    It's tragic that every copy of "Alien" was destroyed in a freak accident so many, many years ago. But it's okay, kids, never fear, "Life" is here to essentially serve as a slicked-up remake, with even more of a downer ending!

    Yeah, it's a big budget version of those shitty "Alien" rip-off films we've seen ever since "Alien" took its place on the Mount Rushmore of sci-fi horror films. Hell, I enjoy some of those shitty rip-offs, so to poo-poo…

  • Embrace the Darkness III

    Embrace the Darkness III


    I have no problem with softcore sex films wanting to be ambitious. There's a place for horror fetishes in porn, and softcore is a good palce to explore said fetishes with kids gloves, so to speak. However, when your ambition is to ape the imagery of "Blade" and "The Matrix", firmly dating the look and feel of your film right out of the gate, you may want to rethink it and just add in some more tits. This film is…

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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    Wow. Unflinching brutality, and probably a better throw-back to pure exploitation than anything most more well-known retro throw-backs could ever hope to produce. Instead of trying to recapture that sort of low budget film from the 1970s, this film just is that sort of film, if that makes sense. It's not a recreation of a style, it just is a pure exploitation film. Grimy, mean, violent, driven. The only difference is that it has top notch production values and casting in its favour. Some of this made me cringe and it made me take notice. It's something. It's beautiful.

  • Cold Ground

    Cold Ground


    When it comes to found footage films you're most likely not going to reinvent the wheel. Honestly, for me, unless it comes close to "The Blair Witch Project" it's generally not going to work for me. "Cold Ground" comes close.

    Set in the 1970s, using a retro camera, and giving us likeable characters, the film manages to build a world for us without making it look like it's been constructed for a film. We follow a mixed group of people…