Jaws ★★★★★

Outside of the shots where we rarely, and just briefly see the shark, which make its attacks far more effective-looking on screen, I really value the shots where we see it a bit too much. The more I watch it, the more I love how lucky they actually were that the shark didn't really work, and kind of looks fake. It looks quite unreal, mechanically simple, and dead.

It connects to Quint's earlier talk about a shark's black, dead doll eyes, and how you don't believe a shark is really alive until the damn thing is actually eating you. When Quint slides down into the shark's wide, hungry mouth his whole life has finally caught up with him. A loop created when he first encountered sharks, after the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, has been closed. It feels like it was always going to be this way for him. He's spent his life chasing this specific death, like Ahab. That's some fucking horror right there.

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