Psycho Pike ★★★½

One of the warmest-looking Canadian-shot and set-in-Canada horror films ever. Not a snowflake to be seen. Not a hint of a brisk fall breeze. What gives? We've got a stereotype to maintain, eh!

Anyway, while this humble little homage and parody of "Piranha" isn't setting the world on fire, it's far better than one would suspect. If you can get past the almost endless talk about fishing and taking water samples, you get a couple of well-played bizarre side characters and some fantastic low budget gore. The psycho pike itself is charming in both how good it looks and how non-functional it is.

Believe it or not, this is an adaptation of a really bad horror novel (that I've read!), which was originally going to be a part of the tail end of the first wave of animals attack films that came in the wake of "Jaws", and it was going to star Joan Collins! They made a 12-foot long robotic monster pike, but it didn't work and eventually got sold off when the hopes of making the film dried up. Apparently a Japanese museum, or something of the sort, got a hold of it, fixed it and displayed it for years to the public. I don't know why, but knowing that sort of weird backstory stuff just elevates this mostly unrelated project in my mind, thus the rating.

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