2046 ★★★

As always with a Wong Kar-Wai movie, the visuals knock it out of the park. There are so many sections of this film filled with beautiful and mesmerizing imagery, not to mention the fact the regular, non-fantastical scenes looked amazing as well. One scene that comes to mind is when Chow Mo-Wan is having dinner with Jing Wen- instead of cutting back and forth between the two as they talked, the camera would stay on Wang Jing Wen and would shift slightly over to be covered by this glass thing that reflected the face of Chow Mo-Wan whenever he talked. Thank you Kar-Wai, very cool!

Although, there would often be these sections were the frame rate would drop to make everything look weird and jittery, which I can't say I liked very much. It wouldn't have bothered me if he didn't use it so much, but at least he was consistent.

My main issue with the film is the character of Mo-Wan, and since the whole story revolves around him, the structure of the film itself I guess. He goes from being this carousing womanizer for most of the film, but finally his insecurities come out and he becomes much more vulnerable, which makes me much more sympathetic towards him; the thing is though, this arc doesn't occur until the last thirty minutes or so of the movie, so he's kind of a dick for most of the time. He's rude, impulsive, insistent, and overall not too fun to follow for as long as we do. It just makes the film kind of slow overall- lots of things happen to keep us interested, but it sometimes feel as though not everything is really there to serve his arc. Again, very satisfying character arc when it happens, it just takes to long to get there.

but seriously, where did this dude get his beautiful women magnet, it ain't fair

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