Burning ★★★★★

"A beautifully shot subtle mystery that's left open to viewers own interpretation. Lee Chang-Dong truly is a master filmmaker. This has now become my fav of the fest so far and I cannot wait to see it again."

Above was part of my tweet-sized review after seeing BURNING. A day later and I'm still thinking about this movie. It is one that will burn itself into your mind and you won't ever forget it. It's also one that I can't wait to see again!

In hopes of not spoiling this for anyone, I won't reveal any sort of plot details but just wanted to make a comment on what made this so great for me. What makes this a true mystery, even right to the end, is that there isn't a final confrontation. There is no confirmation; nor denial of guilt. It's left to the viewer to decide how they interpret it.

People who follow my activity on Letterboxd know that I don't give out a lot of 5 star reviews. BURNING is a masterpiece and deserves all 5 and more!

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