Tenet ★★★★

TENET is a film that will entertain and challenge its audience. Director Christopher Nolan willfully plays around with time and space in this fast-paced action flick. While some may find it over convoluted, I found it to be interesting and engaging. I found myself fully absorbed into their world…and their inverse world…and both at once. I felt I had a well enough understanding to enjoy this film and was able to piece some things together. But there were also times that I wasn’t sure what was going on and that only piqued my interest more. I’ll definitely be watching this again in hopes of piecing more of it together after each viewing.

There were numerous complaints about people finding it hard to hear/understand what was being said when seeing this in theatres. For that reason, I turned the subtitles on before even starting the 4K blu-ray at home but I didn’t feel like I needed them.

Final thought: John David Washington was great! He also sounds so much like his dad that at one point I was looking around the screen for Denzel.

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