Gone Girl

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This review may contain spoilers.

Fantastically twisty, dark tale that kept me utterly gripped. You never quite know where it's going. Great use of time jumps and switching viewpoints which purposely distort the truth until the half way point where we're allowed to figure out what's really going on.

Maybe the ending lets it down, but it fits with the uncomfortable feel that the film has. Great, natural performances all round and as with every Fincher/Cronenworth collaboration the cinematography is brutally gorgeous. And the Reznor/Ross soundtrack absolutely pierces you.

It brings up a number of conflicting viewpoints on feminism and emasculation, possibly in ways it shouldn't. Is Nick weak for the way he submits to Amy's will? Was he a total asshole for his controlling ways? Is Amy nothing more than a psycho bitch? In the end they are both incredibly bad people (although only one of them is a murderer).

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