Underwater ★★★

This isn't a particularly good film, but the fact is that I am hardwired to like monster movies and I was able to find some enjoyment here.

The characters are very flat and uninteresting, but the acting is fairly decent. I'm still not convinced that Kristen Stewart has the ability to emote, and yet she leads the film fairly well. TJ Miller plays the same annoying character he always seems to (i.e., himself) and brings a lot jokes that are tonally completely out of step with what's going on. In a rare move for this kind of film, the rest of the cast were actually really likeable people.

The film looks rather lovely and the set design is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately it's all so dark that I honestly couldn't tell what was going on a lot of the time. Similarly the dialogue isn't easy to make out, so I resorted to reading the plot synopsis on Wikipedia so I could understand what the hell was happening.

The creature design is very uninspired and feels like something we've seen many times before, but I did like the new creature that appeared towards the end; it felt like a genuine threat and had a wow factor that worked.

It's a stupid film - I mean, how are they surviving the pressure of strolling along the bottom of the ocean 7 miles down? - but it's a mildly entertaining one if you enjoy creature features.

I'll always recommend just watching The Abyss, though. When the hell is that getting a blu-ray release?

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